Thursday, April 4, 2013

Four Resons to Grow Herbs All Year Long

One of the wonderful things about herbs is that they grow throughout the year. You can sow the seeds in a pot and with a little care; you'll have plants growing in just a week or two. People grow herbs for cooking, smudging, and medicinal purposes. We should always have a pot of herbs growing in pots indoors or in the ground outdoors.

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Herbs are an integral part of cooking, and canning recipes. Chop up the leaves and add them in your favorite recipes, or you can sprinkle them over the top. You often find parsley stems garnishing the food plates in fancy restaurants. Most cooks love adding fresh herbs that they just picked right out of their gardens. Once you've tasted them in your food, you'd never want to go back to the store bought bottles again. By having your own plants, you know they were grown organically. Pesticides, insecticides or any other nasty chemical that commercial growers use hasn't contaminated your homegrown herb plants. When you dry and bottle the herbs, you won't have to worry about added fillers, preservatives, or agents that help them to stay free flowing.

You can grow these herbs indoors or outside, depending on your location. The ten best herbs to grow indoors are chives, basil, oregano, sage, parsley, bay, chervil, rosemary, tarragon, and thyme. As long as you put the potted herbs in a sunny windowsill, they will thrive. You do need to keep the soil moist and fertilize them regularly. Anytime you need fresh herbs, they are right at your fingertips.

In the Garden
Herbs look nice as a filler plant in flower and vegetable gardens. They also grow well when planted along the walkway. As you brush against them, they emit a wonderful scent into the air. Their scent is much healthier for you to inhale; instead of the commercial sprays, you buy in a can.

Some herbs also act as a pest deterrent. When you plant your garden, be sure to include basil to repel asparagus beetles, and thrips. Grow some by your tomatoes to prevent tomato heartworms. Chives, dill and Cilantro repels aphids, spider mites and some beetles.

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You can pick stems of sage and twist them into a tight stick. To keep the sage compacted into a stick shape, tie it with string or embroidery floss. Touch the end to a flame and you have a smudge stick. The Native Americans use sage for its purifying energies. It cleanses a person's mind and body from negative spirits and impurities. You can also crumple the leaves of different herbs into a fireproof bowl, and then burn them. The smoke from these herbs works better than the can full of chemical spray with artificial ingredients.

Medicinal Property
Herbs have medicinal value to them and each one has a different healing property. Many people have turned back to using natural healing instead of pharmaceutical drugs made by man using chemicals. Herbs don't cause potential health problems, and there are rarely, if any, side effects. There are many books out on how to use herbs for a healthy body, and you can find lots of information on the internet. God took the time to give us these plants for many reasons. It only makes sense that we should use them for our good health. Because the herbs are natural, your body can digest them and use them properly.

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