Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Free Yard Art

If you've just remodeled, I'm sure you're wondering what to do with those old bathroom or kitchen fixtures.

Turn an old bathtub into a large planter.

 Photo by: fairlybuoyant

An old sink can be used in several ways.

Photo by: dsasso

You can remove the stopper, fill the basin with potting soil and plant flowers inside.  You leave the stopper in the basin and fill it with birdseed.

 Photo by: Hans

Or fill it with water for a birdbath. When you need to clean it out, simply pull the plug so the water drains away. Scrub the algae and dirt away, and then replace the stopper. Fill the basin with fresh water.

Water Pipes
Photo by: Nemo

If you have extra water pipe, cut the pipe into different lengths to make a wind chime.  Or if you have extra washers lying around, you can use them to make a cool wind chime.

Photo by: oskay

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