Thursday, April 11, 2013

Two Must Have's For Every Beginning Gardener

Photo by: Nemo

You're all set to plant your very first garden. You've picked out the best location to grow the vegetables, and you know right where you want to plant the flower bulbs, perennials and other annuals. Ideas pour through your mind so fast that you don't know where to start. Wait, before you run to the nearest plant store, you need choose the right tools to do the best job.

Gardening Gloves
Digging in the soil or raking the lawn for leaf contributions to your compost pile can result in painful blisters. There are two ways to avoid this from happening to you. First, remove any rings you are wearing. This is the area where blisters readily form. Next, put on a pair of gardening gloves.

You should have two different kinds, cloth and leather gloves. Each is perfect for different gardening jobs. The cloth gloves will protect your hands while digging, planting, carrying pots, or raking. They are lightweight so your hands can breathe. They come in many styles and colors so you can be quite fashionable while working in your garden.

It is important to try on the gloves before you buy them. Not all gloves are made the same. The cuffs should fit snugly around your wrists to keep the dirt from entering.

You should also invest in a pair of leatherwork gloves. They will protect your hands when you work with rose bushes or other thorny plants. They also come in handy when trimming trees or shrubs. If you need to clean out an old junk pile, the leather will help protect you against slivers, or other things that can poke you. 

Garden Tools
Every gardener needs a hoe, trowel, garden fork, rake and a spade or a shovel. When buying garden tools, cheaper is not always better. You want to pay the extra money so you can have quality tools that will last you for years. A pair of garden shears will come in handy when you need to trim your plants.

Don't just grab one from the display and throw it into your cart, always air test the items before you make that purchase. Some things to check for is: Does it feel comfortable, is the handle the right length for your frame and does it feel balanced in your hand, or does it feel too heavy? You'll be spending hours working with these tools, so they need to be right for you and your build.

A quick tip. If you don't have much money, you don't have to buy these products new. Shop at your local pawnshops, want ads, or check out garage and estate sales. Not only will you save some money, but also most of the time the handles will be worn smooth from all the years of hard work. 

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