Friday, April 26, 2013

Ten Signs of Spring

The calendar tells us it is spring, but spring snows aren't willing to release the rights of winter just yet. But the snows melt fast, leaving you with wonderful, glorious signs that spring has officially arrived. 

You can tell it’s spring. People are outside raking leaves.  

Photo by: Nemo

 Photo by: Nemo
The farmers are preparing the fields to plant corn, soybeans, wheat, or sunflowers. Remember to watch for tractors on the road or turning out in front of you.
Photo by: werner22brigitte

The fruit trees and ornamental trees are bursting into bloom. 
 Photo by:  RococoNeko
 Photo by: LoggaWiggler
The lilac trees bud and bloom filling the air with a wonderful sweet fragrance. I love lilacs and look forward to the blooming season.  It seems that when the lilacs bloom, we get a lot of rain.
Photo by: Hans

The leaf buds begin to swell. Almost overnight, the trees will be clothed with leaves again.
 Photo by: Aquilatin

The grass is getting green. People are tuning up their lawnmowers, getting ready to start mowing. 
Photo by: sissynmaru
Photo by: Tim in Sydney 

The birds have begun to build nests together so they can start their families. 

Photo by: GazeL
 Bunnies come out to eat the green clover and play in the grass. 

We anxiously start waiting to see the first butterfly. And if you’re a kid, the first flower, the dandelion. 

Photo by: muffinman71xx  

The biggest sign of all is this: Thousands of little green-houses or hot-houses pop up outside of stores. Varieties of vegetable plants and flowers take up all the available room on the shelves. You go into farm stores, and the scent of seed potatoes, onions, and bulbs greet your nose.
Photo by: JamesDeMers

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